The ET Canada Exchange Value Proposition is Simple…

As a sponsor, you have guaranteed one-on-one time with executive decision makers. Our “1:1 Meeting-Case Study-Boardroom” approach creates results at a fraction of the cost compared to attending a large industry trade event or traditional conference.

  • Pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings with attending senior executives are the ideal way to drive sales and solidify partnerships. Sponsors schedule meetings beginning 3-4 weeks before the event through our online scheduling system, as well as on site.
  • Private Case Study Presentations in a Boardroom setting with rotating groups of 10-12 senior executives in the process of reviewing mobile solutions.
  • Additional networking opportunities including: receptions, breakfasts and luncheons, golf, casino night and awards night where attending executives vote on the best vendor products and presentations.
  • Keynote presentations and panels: in-depth presentations and panels featuring vendor executives discussing trends,challenges, future directions, success stories, etc.
  • ET Canada Exchange is an exclusive forum where buyers and sellers can come together, in an environment facilitated by experts, to share their experiences, needs, products and services.
  • ET Canada Exchange is held in a world class venue with comfort, food and networking that is first class.


We offer multiple sponsorship levels and work closely with sponsors to make sure you receive the maximum ROI. This high-end program builds in scheduled 1:1 time and interaction between attending executives and sponsor representatives. ET Canada Exchange is unique and stands alone in its ability to deliver this level of quality meeting time among current and future business partners.

Qualified Attendees

The attendees that come to our events are targeted. We recruit them and qualify them. We don’t use traditional event marketing practices that deliver unknown results in terms of types of attendees. We bring in high level decision makers, not numbers and numbers of unqualified attendees. All qualified executives receive a full participation package that includes travel, hotel accommodations, meals and networking activities. This ensures a cost-effective and quality peer-to-peer experience for attendees-and a 100% qualified audience for participating sponsors. In consideration for their package, all participants are bound to sign an agreement that stipulates their participation in all meetings and events. When a sponsor comes to ET Canada Exchange they don’t have to “hope” that they have meaningful meetings. Sponsors’ 1:1 and group meetings are pre-scheduled so they know exactly what they are getting and how to prepare.

If you are interested in attending ET Canada Exchange as a sponsor, please fill out the form here, or please contact Spencer Bisgaard, Event Director, at or 971-223-7499.